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This website is dedicated to the individuals looking for 100% natural penis enlargement. Among the three types of major PE treatments – surgical, nonsurgical, and mechanical – only noninvasive, nonsurgical and mechanical based treatments can increase your size 2 or more inches. Choose one of the three treatment types below to begin exploring your options. The most effective and worthwhile treatment type starts from the left. If you have any questions, you may contact us anonymously!

Lengthening Treatment

Did you know that science has proven using a stretching device can permanently make your penis size significantly bigger? A penis extender is the only clinically proven form of natural P.E. that can increase penile length an additional 2+ inches. Not only that, they can make your penis thicker and wider too! This treatment is based on a special form of tension stretching that is safe to use and produces permanent results.

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Recommended Hybrid
Length & Width Treatment

You can use penile exercises to lengthen and widen your penis multiple inches – totally for free. Take a look at our free guide and be sure to check out our recommended exercise programs that can add extra inches to your size in as little as 3 months. Exercise is the easiest way to increase your size and they take no more than 15 minutes per day to perform. You can begin practicing right now if you are up for it!

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Recommended Treatment
For The Fastest Gains

Pills are the easiest and quickest way to increase your size. A well formulated supplement can enhance sexual performance, kick start your libido, intensify pleasure, make your size bigger, or improve your sexuality multiple ways. Only the best pills will suffice and we have reviewed only 100% natural and potent formulations just for you. Check out the best of the best in out comprehensive chart by clicking the link below.

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Just so you know, there should be no reason to fork over a small fortune just to make your penis bigger, but paying a little bit more will help you if  – A: Want the biggest possible gains, B: Want to drastically boost your confidence and self-esteem, or C: Have always wanted to bang that really hot parcel carrier and need to make an impression right then and there. It would then be safe to assume you’ll even get some fellatio from the delivery guy when your strategically planned package arrives at your door? And it just so happens that the delivery guy isn’t a guy at all, but a soon to be topless women? And this topless women is actually scarlett johansson practicing for a role in one of her upcoming films? And her co-worker driving the delivery truck happens to be her twin sister helping?

Well, you may get scarlett johannson, but you can have twins showing up at your doorstep because they heard word of mouth you have a massive penis, all thanks to one of the treatments we can help you get at discount pricing.

If you have ever searched for a penis enlargement product, most other sites just want you to buy something. Do you know why? They don’t want you to think, rather act in a compulsive manner to do something like this – SAVE $50 NOW before its too late! HA.

Really, do people just assume you are that stupid?! Not us. We want you to think before you buy so you spend a relatively cheap amount on a product that works just as good as a treatment that costs $400. Because in this market, it is possible. All you need to do is help us help you learn how it works so you can grow it and then show it!

You will come to find that this site is straightforward, as we are obsessed with two things. Exploiting natural treatments that will make your penis bigger by at least 2 inches, if not more, and providing resources that you can actually benefit from.

You will find free, easy-to-comprehend comparisons, guides, assessments and recommended proven and anecdotal natural penis enlargement treatments, backed by detail-oriented articles that assist you in choosing the best product to help expand your penis size.

We have performed the research for you and attempt to epitomize our discoveries through our recommendations. Everything worth knowing about this form of natural male enhancement is here!

Why Natural?

A better question is why not? Do you think it is better to work against the natural flow and tendencies of your body? Why not work with them? That is what natural penis enlargement is all about. Harnessing your body’s ability to adapt and grow while improving how it works and when you need it to do something at just the right moment.

Natural products work just as well if not better than common penis enlargement treatments, you just need to know which ones work safely, effectively, and in a timely manner.

What Should You Expect?

A large portion of PE web sites confidently assert you can gain 4 inches with the products they recommend. This may be true for some, but what most don’t tell you is this is only true for the ultimate achievers. As such, you may be surprised how easy it is to gain inches, but how you do so comes down to if you choose a proven treatment or one based off anecdotal claims.

Traction Can Make It Happen!

With a penis extender, gains produced using traction (appropriated stretching) range between 1 – 4 inches, while providing practitioners with permanent results. These measurements compensate for gains made in both length and girth. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone.

The chart on the left shows just how much you can gain if you devote your time and consistently work to achieve your goals. That’s not all either.

Alternatively, Exercises Suffice For Multiple Inch Gains Too – Anecdotally However

Exercises help produce the most coveted gains in penile girth, although results are slow and require more effort on your part.

Exercises stretch the same penile tissue that a traction device does, well to an extent, but instead of having a device perform all of the work, you have to practice each exercise manually.

Exercises can be time consuming, but well worth the effort. You can portray similar gains to traction using exercises, which are permanent too, but most men prefer using a penis extender because one is easier to use and less prone to causing an injury.

Pills Can Be Extraordinary Or Useless – Fast Results Are What They Are Really Good For

The easiest and fastest way to enhance your size is by using a supplement. Don’t get confused with male enhancement pills that focus on performance, treating erectile dysfunction, or increasing semen volume. Ingredients that comprise an enlargement pill are slightly different than pills that are intended for enhancement.

“The biggest aspect men overlook when deciding to choose a supplement for enlargement is the fact pills only produce temporary gains.” – If you can deal with this statement, pills are so the right choice for you!

How About Proof That Natural Penis Enlargement Works. Here It Is….

The clinical research performed on penile stretching is immense. The studies below show that using a penis extender can promote multiple inch gains. Follow each link for more information.

A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’
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Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?
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Now That Your Know Penis Enlargement Works, The Next Step Is Understanding The Key To Success!

What do you think is the fundamental aspect to account for when attempting to enlarge your penis? Would you just purchase what some high-ranking web site asserts as being the “best” enhancement pill? Does this mean you should choose the number one rated product just because a web site told you so? No, none of this is relevant to enlarging your size. It is more practical than this. Focusing on your desire is the core component of successfully completing an enlargement treatment. Read More…

The Science Behind Our Recommendations: Natural Cellular Growth

Did you know that the methods behind natural penile enlargement are based on practical science? Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, medical professionals have been able to utilize these resources to create legitimate methods that can elongate your shaft, expand girth circumference (thickness), and fix penile curvature.

Basically what these methods attempt to do is encourage your penis to naturally grow.

How Does This Occur? – Insight On The Anatomy Of The Male Genitalia

Penile AnatomyThe male sexual organ is comprised of three major internal chambers. The Corpus Spongiosum, which runs along the bottom of the penis and two larger chambers, the Corpora Cavernosa that run along the top side.

When you become aroused, the larger Corpora Cavernosa chambers begin to fill with blood. When these chambers fill with blood, your penis starts to expand, stimulating an erection.

The size of your erection is limited by the amount of blood that these two chamber can hold. Once these chambers meet their capacity, the maximum size of your erection has been reached.

The key to increasing erection size is simple. You must choose a method that has been proven to enlarge these chambers safely and effectively. The more blood your erection can hold the larger your future erections will become!

How Can Manipulating These Chambers Increase Your Size?

The primary methods used to expand the size of your erections are based on stretching techniques.

Techniques based on stretching work by breaking down the cellular structure of these chambers, causing small micro tears within the tissue. These small tears allow more blood to enter the Corpora Cavernosa.
As these two chambers fill with more and more blood, they start to expand and a process called mitosis initiates. This is the beginning of the healing process – the part of treatment that makes gains permanent.

The Healing Process Begins: Mitosis and Cytokenesis

Mitosis is a process that cells undergo when one cell divides into two cells. Penile cells will divide and divide until all of the small micro tears caused by stretching are filled.

Cytokenesis occurs when the division of two cells has completed once the nucleus has split. This is the final form of growth and cellular replication.

Cellular activity happens all throughout treatment and as new tissue is generated, the dick will appear longer and thicker. The growth that occurs is permanent and will not disappear.

Even though this seems painful, these two process are totally painless. You won’t even be able to see any of these tears! The only visible form of progression are the improvements in length and thickness.

What Are The Best Forms Of Male Enhancement?

There are two enlargement methods you should consider. The first method may seem uncanny, but involves a special form of natural stretching tension, known as traction. This is what a traction device (penis extender) is good for.

The other method involves special exercises that condition tissue in a similar manner traction does, except you perform these exercises by hand. Since penile traction is the most popular natural enlargement treatment, we will teach you how it works first. It’s actually a very simple concept.
Traction is easy to explain since all it does is exert tension proportionally along your shaft by applying a light gradual stretching force. This stretches penile tissue in the same manner we described earlier.. Once this tissue has expanded, it retains its newly formed dimensions. You keep all of your gains plus the device for life!

Traction and exercises can permanently increase your size since both methods gradually stretch the penis, although there is no scientific evidence exercises work. Extenders are proven to work.

For more information about invasive treatments, the opposite of natural size enhancement, please visit this penis enlargement website.
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