How To Increase Penis Length With The V-Stretch

Another very common method used to naturally stretch the penis is the V-Stretch. The name of this penis exercise speaks for itself, as it entails a stretching based motion that can be used to increase the length of your penis.

In particular, certain variants of the V-Stretch affect select sections of the penis and one portion especially, the tunica albuginea, is affected more, in which more force and pressure is exerted on this tissue to help expand its dimensions. Naturally, this exercise also conditions other portions of tissue and ligaments within the penis, contributing to the bigger picture in regards to ideal gains as the V-Stretch is practiced with proper technique and continuously.

Basic stretching exercises apply pressure from where the penis is attached to the body, along what you can refer to as an x-axis. This stretching tension can be applied on both the top and bottom portion of the shaft, which is explained next.

Performing a basic V-Stretch exercise places force on the top portion of the shaft as your penis is slightly bent like a “V”. The stress from this stretch is felt mostly by the suspensory ligament, which when stretched properly, allows the penis to hang lower, making it look visibly bigger.

As for the inverted V-Stretch exercise, the pressure applied using this technique is exerted on the bottom portion of your penis shaft. This stretching tension affects the tunica albuginea for the most part, which is the portion of the penis that is engorged with blood when becoming erect. By stretching the tunica, this allows more room for blood to flow throughout your penis, making it bigger in size.

You Can Use These Items To Help…

Performing the V-Stretch can be done by using your hands by themselves, although a few small items can help this exercise become easier to perform, which provides more benefit when performing the exercise and the results it is capable of portraying.

A small amount of baby powder can prove useful for gripping the penis. If you consider hygiene important and require more assistance gripping your penis, using a sanitized glove that is soft and safe to use on skin can be useful. Also, placing a small cotton ball in the right place can provide great use when gripping the penis as you bend it partially out of shape during this penis exercise.

These small items are worth considering, however they are not necessary, but we do recommend their use.

How To Perform The V-Stretch

A basic V-Stretch is performed with your hand using the OK gesture from the top of the penis shaft. This will help improve the length of your penis, however other variations of the V-Stretch exist that can be used to target other tissue located within the shaft.

As for a basic V-Stretch exercise, these steps can be taken to perform this technique adequately:

  • Start by warming your penis up and getting it ready for exercise.
  • Form your grip with the OK gesture just behind the head of your penis, either using just your hands or by using one of the recommended items from above that can help you grip your penis better.
  • Begin pulling your penis perpendicular to your body to apply stretching tension with your hand that is gripping just behind the glans (head).
  • With your other hand, use your thumb and center it towards the middle of your penis and press lightly. By doing so, you penis should resemble the shape of a “V” which indicates you are performing this exercise in a decent manner.
  • Hold this position with both hands as your penis is being stretched for a few moments. Let go if you begin to feel uncomfortable or any pain what so ever.
  • Slowly release your grip and ease off applying tension. Don’t just let go, this is how you can damage your penis. Repeat this process. A professionally developed exercise program can help you determine how many repetitions are needed to produce results.

Also, please dearly note these details when performing a V-Stretch exercise.

Your penis should be completely flaccid before beginning. Your warm-up should cover the entire shaft and the area behind your testicles. Once setting your grip, if you are having trouble, let go slowly and place your hand back into position. You may want to use baby powder or a cotton ball for better grip and more comfort.

Stretching tension should be felt near the base of your penis and also up the shaft. Once this tissue is stretched fully, you should feel minor strain after a few repetitions. Begin to release some of this tension by loosening your grip and the applied pressure.

Up to 5 minutes of stretching should be performed to impact the tunica for each repetition, which will help produce length gains over continued practice.

After performing the V-Stretch or one of its alternative stretches multiple times, help your penis continue to circulate blood by shaking it gently. To avoid damage, do not apply to much tension or pressure, do not make sudden movements, and do not overexert yourself.

How Often Should You Perform The V-Stretch?

Many penis exercise regimens can be practiced on a day to day basis. This includes practicing the V-Stretch. A penis exercise program can help you incorporate this type of exercise into an easy to follow routine.

If you experience any sore sensations, this may not be because of immediate damage, but you should be careful when practicing to avoid any potential harm. After all, you are conditioning ligaments and muscles with this exercise, so this may happen depending on the intensity of your workout sessions including the amount of exercises performed in conjunction of the V-Stretch.

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