Remedies For Penile Curvature

Peyronie’s disease is a physical condition that is categorized as a curved penis. This common problem is caused by scar tissue that has built up within the penis shaft which can be discomforting, irritating, and prevent some men from have any sexual intercourse.

In the last two decades or so, surgery has been the only method for realigning the penis, since it is widely known as an invasive procedure, though in recent history, stretching techniques have proven that they can help significantly reduce penile curvature.

Stretching techniques, such as penis exercises or penis extenders, provide men with a natural alternative to surgery. These two methods reduce curvature to a great extent, but do not remove the underlying scar tissue that caused the problem.

The easiest option of these two methods would be penis exercises. Exercises are easy to perform, require minimal effort, can be performed safely without hurting yourself, and provide many other benefits besides rectifying a curved penis.

A penis extender is also able to help with peyronie’s disease, which are a bit more expensive than exercises, but require almost no effort besides wearing the device for a few hours a day. Penis extenders apply a set amount of traction to the penis by pulling the penis perpendicularly from the body, helping the penis adapt to a new degree of alignment.

Just like exercises, an extender can also improve penis size and overall sexual performance.

Since an extender must be worn and is an actual device, it is more beneficial to learn about exercises as they can be performed manually by hand whenever you feel necessary.

The basic Jelq exercise To begin performing the jelq exercise, you must first start by conditioning your penis.

Start by slightly grasping the penis near the glans, or head, and begin pulling the penis away from your body in a straight line. Stretch the penis for about 15 – 20 seconds and then release and let your penis relax for a moment.

Perform this same gesture again, except stretch up, down, left, and right within a similar time frame as the initial warm-up.

Once you have finished performing 1 – 3 repetitions of each motion, attempt to stimulate an erection by either lightly massaging the penis or gently slapping it against your inner thigh.

Once you attain an erection, grasp the penis at its base forming the “ok” sign with your index finger and thumb. Slowly start to milk your penis by stretching away from your body and release just behind the head 5 – 10 times, possibly more if your up to it.

* This is only an example, please follow the instructions of a professional developed program or consult your physician. Recommended program: Penis Health

Jelqing exercise No. 2 Before beginning, you will need lubricant to efficiently perform this variant of the Jelq.

Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E is what we recommend. Start by lubricating your penis with a small amount of oil. Do not use to much or you will not be able to grasp your penis.

Firmly hold the penis at its base forming the “ok” sign with your fingers. Moderately apply minimal pressure with your index finger and thumb.

Begin sliding your positioned hand towards the head applying an average amount of pressure to force blood into the head, where you should see a slight read tone appear.

Once you get near the head, perform the same motion with the opposite hand, repeating this process 75 – 100 times. Ensure your penis remains lubricated and if you feel the need to ejaculate, temporarily stop and wait a few moments.

This exercise in conjunction with other squeezing, stretching and flexing exercise can substantially improve erectile function. If this seems like it would be to much, consider using a penis extender.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is top of the line, certified safe, and has been proven to straighten curved penis, as well as enlarge the penis a few inches.


  • P. Gadekar

    Your post is helpful !
    thank you so much !
    one query is there
    from where should i buy penis extender?

    December 15, 2013
    • betaadmin

      Buy X4 Labs or Quick Extender Pro. SizeGenetics is a very good choice. Of the three, they are all great at penis enlargement. Visit the penis extender section and educate yourself about them before your purchase. There are links that will take you to the order page when you are ready. Good luck and if you have any questions, be sure to ask them!

      March 01, 2014
  • i need ur help my penis is full curve like above picture

    May 06, 2014
    • Your Enlargement Assistant

      How can we help you? Please ask more specific questions and we’ll provide free advice :)

      June 20, 2014

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