Every penis enlargement supplement is comprised of its own unique combination of ingredients. While some contain an abundance of beneficial ingredients, it is important to assess every one as it only takes one substance to jeopardize safety and possibly inflict harm to your genital region or body. The ingredients below are featured in our recommended penis enlargement supplements and male enhancement pills. Be aware that many of these ingredients have an augmented potency when used consistently and proportionally over time.

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Pomegranate Benefits

Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid)Super Ingredient
This ingredient is a derivative of the pomegranate fruit. It’s use in male enhancement products acts as an organic source of viagra. By naturally stimulating blood flow, this improves the overall health of blood vessels, which in return allows more blood to flow throughout the penis. This increases erection hardness, resulting in firmer erections. This fruit extract is especially good for men with erectile dysfunction.

Used In: Male Extra

Bioperine Extract

Bioperine Super Ingredient
The significance in this supplemental herb is that it behaves very well with ingredients it is combined with. It is clinically proven to increase the absorption rate of nutrients, which effects how well other ingredients mixed with Bioperine react with the body. Bioperine is highly acclaimed in the medical community and its awards for effectiveness have penis enlargement pill manufacturers combing this with all of their supplements.

Used In: VigRx Plus, Sinrex

Maca Root Powder

Maca Root
Maca has been used for a very long time, being traced back to ancient peruvian culture. It has been shown to enhance male libido (sex drive) and increase sperm production according to scientific studies. Its use even extends to men suffering from impotency problems, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual disorders. It has also been noted that maca increases sexual performance, endurance, improves testosterone levels, and helps balance hormones.

Used In: Male Extra, Sinrex

Epimedium Sagitum Benefits

Epimedium Sagitum (Horny Goat Weed) – Super Ingredient
Horny goat weed helps enhance sexual and physical pleasure. It is known to greatly improve male libido which improves erectile function. It works by liberating natural testosterone boosters, thus promoting virility.

This is a fantastic ingredient for any of the best penis enlargement pills out there. Don’t sell yourself short by neglecting this in your purchase!

Used In: Male Extra, VigRx Plus, Sinrex, Vimax

Natural Ginkgo Biloba Powder

Ginkgo Biloba
Ancient chinese medical practitioners have utilized this ingredient in many remedies that have been widely used since its discovery. It helps improve peripheral circulation, flowing more blood towards to brain, aiding men with impotence, specifically assisting individuals with erectile dysfunction. Since ginkgo helps with circulation, blood flow to the penis increases, allowing more oxygen and blood to strengthen and enlarge the penile shaft. Ginkgo is used abroad to procure many ailments.

Used In: Vimax, Sinrex, VigRx Plus, Vitalikor

L-Arginine Benefits Natural Penis Enlargement

L-ArginineSuper Ingredient
A common amino acid which is naturally obtained by the body from various food groups. Its use in male enhancement supplements targets the blood vessel function. L-Arginine supplies your blood stream with nitric oxide, a compound that helps blood vessels relax, allowing better circulation, thus increasing blood flow into the penis. It also delivers a natural growth hormone, expanding the size of your erections to an extent. Penis enlargement pills that include this ingredient help men achieve and maintain larger erections for longer periods of time – one ingredient that won’t disappoint!

Used In: Male Extra, Sinrex, Vitalikor

Crushed Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto (Berries)
Saw Palmetto is native to the south eastern region of the United States and is sought after by many herbalists for it ability to help men with enlarged prostates. When combined with other beneficial ingredients, it revamps sexual performance, allowing for increased sexual pleasure.

Saw Palmetto isn’t as powerful as other ingredients used in penis pills, but it can still pack a punch when combined in adequate amounts and is a great addition to the entire composition of the leading enhancer’s.

Used In: Male Extra, Vimax, Sinrex, VigRx Plus

Shredded Muira Puama Bark

Muira Puama
This herb is renowned for its distinct ability to invigorate men suffering from sexual debility. The bark and root are what provide benefits and are harvested for this reason and also cases of fatigue and muscle disorders. Muira Puama is spelled differently based on the literature you may be reading, so don’t be surprised if you come across another variation.

This advantageous ingredient specifically helps men when their libido (sexual desire) is hindered or low in general. As with many of the herbs listed here, it also improves circulation in the pelvic area slightly, helping arouse erections more often, especially if used regularly. This is one of those organic substances that works better after continued usage and progressively functions in an effective manner that can naturally enlarge penis size.

Used In: Male Extra, VigRx Plus

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega 3 (Fatty Acid)
This naturally occurring acid reeks benefits ranging from a heightened cardiovascular tract, increased hormone production, and a noticeable size difference in the flaccid state of the penis. We highly recommended products that contain Omega-3, as it supplies a very good source of vitamins and minerals that are used by the body on a daily basis. This ingredient is known to increase sperm production, which for some guys, is a huge plus.

Used In: Male Extra, Sinrex

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa 10:1 (Oat Straw Extract)
Avena Sativa( Oats) have been observed to enhance both male and female libido and is recognized as a natural aphrodisiac. For males specifically, Avena Sativa frees up testosterone, enabling men to rekindle their lost sex drive. Besides its use in penis enlargement pills, studies have shown increased stamina response and an overall increase in health. This is a very good stimulant that will benefit sexual relations.

Used In: Vimax

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

Tribulus TerrestrisSuper Ingredient

This efficacious powder serves the purpose as a boost to sexual desire and temporarily enhances sexual ability. A study conducted in the 1970’s found that tribulus effects free testosterone and hormones in men, which significantly improves erectile function and contributes to increasing penis size.

Tribulus is a vine based plant that thrives in tropical climates and has a lengthy history as a medicinal substance. Look for it when choosing a natural penis enlargement supplement. It provides and promotes the effects you should consider if you are trying to increase your penis size or improve sexual function.

Used In: Vimax, Sinrex

Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian Ginseng

A double-blind clinical trial performed on Siberian Ginseng touted the positive effects on male impotence and its natural ability for treating erectile dysfunction.

Siberian Ginseng has been documented, through historical use, as a way to treat male infertility. It’s success within the medical community can be credited for helping men who are lack vigor, which it is used to affect and restore, increase longevity, and promote an overall healthy state of well being. Ginseng also has a reputation of helping prevent premature ejaculation.

Used In: Sinrex, ProSolution, VigRx Plus, Vimax

Panax Ginseng Toor

Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng)

Panax Ginseng is a special breed of Ginseng that shares multiple qualities with American and Siberian Ginseng.

It’s significance in penis enlargement pills helps treat causes of sexual dysfunction, but also invigorates libido, energy levels, sperm motility, and a plethora of other benefits. It specifically improves sexual performance and enhances stamina. If used appropriately, this kind of Ginseng can provide your body with an overwhelming sense of healthy sensations and sexual improvement.

Used In: Sinrex, ProSolution, VigRx Plus, Vimax, Vitalikor

Damiana Benefits

Damiana (turnera diffusa) – Super Ingredient

Damiana is used internationally as an aphrodisiac, since it contains nutrients that can help make your sexual desire fierce! This exceptional penis pill ingredient has also been noted to portray extreme euphoria (more pleasurable sex!).
One of the fundamental aspects that help improve sexual performance is your ability to pursue your desire in regards to sexual performance. This substance can help push your libido into overdrive and intensify sex greatly. Be on the look out when searching for a penis enlargement supplement that fits the description to fulfill your desires!

Used In: VigRx Plus, RizerXL

Hawthorn Berry Benefits

Hawthorn Berries

The Hawthorn Berry has been a very useful ingredient since its documentation starting in the Middle Ages, which was used to improve heart function and the efficiency of cardiovascular activities. As a tested and prove ingredient is has the capabilities to improve blood flow which helps ameliorate erection quality and the optimization of erection health. Hawthorn can help maintain the efficiency of blood pathways that circulate blood and nourishment to and from the heart.

Used In: VigRx Plus, RizerXL, Sinrex, Vimax

Zinc Benefits

Zinc is is a mineral you should already be consuming if you consume a diet full of nutrient rich foods. Its benefit is critical to the function of your body and its consumption should be day to day whether you eat organic food or take a supplement. Its affects on your penis and its health is superlative. An ingredient of this stature adds an entire different approach to penis enlargement with an array of advantages over many, poorer items added in many male enhancement supplements today,Find out what it can do and more in this article.

Used In: VigRx Plus, Sinrex

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