Penis Enlargement Exercise Information

There are numerous ways to enlarge the penis and exercises are one of the best methods you can use. The programs featured below have all proven to be useful and have successfully helped well over 10,000 men increase the size of their penis. General information about penile exercises is discussed further down the page.

Exercise Information

Penis stretching exercises are among the most natural penis enlargement options today. Medical studies have proven that manipulating penile ligaments in a proper and consecutive manner will gradually add multiple inches to penis length and girth.

Penis Stretching concentrates specifically on the overall size of the penis, however there are particular techniques that target dimensional characteristics, such as length or width, solely depending on what you want to achieve.

The soft tissue that is being stretched is known as the suspensory ligament. This ligament is attached to the pubic bone and supports the penis when erect. A simple stretching motion increases cellular activity, allowing penile tissue to develop at an accelerated rate. If an exercise routine is performed accordingly and treated with care, visible results are apparent after just a few weeks.

Performing Penis Stretching Exercises on Your Own
Penis stretching exercises are categorized in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Many basic exercises are available for free via the web. Basic exercises are variants of “jelqing,” which encourage more blood to flow in the erected tissue, thus slowly, but steadily enlarging the penis. The basics will only provide you with so much, that is why for serious results, you need serious exercises. Both intermediate and advance exercise regimens feature exercises that are very effective and sometimes live past expectation. Once you have access to a certain range of exercises, your set.

You can engage yourself in simple routines like this:
(Important! Lather you penis with lubricant and ensure the state of your penis is thoroughly conditioned prior to beginning.)

    1. Simply grasp the penis where it is closest to the body using your index finger and thumb. Apply pressure and slight tension while you move your hand towards the head of the penis.
    2. Once you feel an adequate amount of stretching occurring, hold this position for 30 seconds and slide over the head to complete the exercise.
    3. Continue these motions 5 – 10 times with each hand. One single gesture should take approximately 45 seconds to complete.

Note: Do not apply an excessive amount of tension. Exercises should not exceed your comfort zone or become potentially dangerous. Practice at your on risk!

If performed correctly, a penis enlargement exercise can be very effective. Programs and systems offer various routines, allowing the practitioner to progress at their own pace, unless otherwise stated.

Also, since penis enlargement exercises are breaking down healthy cells, these once healthy cells need to time to recover. Consuming essential minerals and vitamins can progress the recovery process significantly. Supplementing such exercises will speed up results and benefit more then just size gains.

Penis enlargement pills are a supplemental additive which provide the body with useful nutrients that help increase blood flow to the penis, enhance male libido and replenish recovering cells during treatment. The best penis enlargement supplements usually feature a manual penis enlargement exercise program to capitalize gains. Few providers produce these kinds of systems. One of the best penis enlargement exercise programs available is manufactured by a company that also supplies consumers with top-rated penis enlargement pills, Male Extra. You can read about Male Extra here and Penis Health on this page.

We recommend specialized penis enlargement exercise packages, as they provide comprehensive guides, reference material to track progress, and support options for any questions or concerns regarding your treatment. Being able to access well-formatted information from one source can prevent many failed attempts and is undoubtedly valuable for the services being provided.


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The Penis Health exercise program is an instantaneously accessible exercise system that teaches you how to naturally enlarge your penis. Professionally developed for the best outcome possible, these penis exercises are guaranteed to work or your money back.

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Erection Fitness speaks for itself. As a well established program, Erection Fitness offers unique variations of penis exercises to help men increase the size of their cock. This program claims to add measurable inches in 120 days and based on customer feedback alone, we can confirm a desired outcome is attainable.

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Although the name Penile Secrets is not enticing, the exercises featured in the program offer some of the most diverse routines we have reviewed. The benefits of this program are substantial and produce similar results to the #1 rated Penis Health.

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