Natural Penis Growth: Mitosis & Cytokinesis

It is commonly assumed that enlarging the penis takes place by strengthening and conditioning muscles. This is true to a certain extent, as a portion of muscle in the pelvic area can be exercised to improve erectile function. What most men probably don’t know, is that for a natural penis enlargement treatment to be effective and safe, a specific device known as a penis extender or exclusive set of exercises must be used in order to stretch erectile tissue and associated ligaments.

When a process like this takes place, the cellular structure of these bodily components are divided to compensate for the growth that is occurring. By stretching the penis, this enables more cell growth, which increases penis size.

Cell Division and Penis Enlargement

This process is referred to as cytokinesis. Cytokinesis usually begins in the later stages of mitosis and also during the stages of reproduction, called meiosis. These are the types of cellular growth that occur during a penis enlargement procedure based on stretching.

Mitosis is part of a process where cells separate during a 6 stages. When a cell has successfully divided itself, it creates two newly formed daughter cells, which continue the process. As more and more cells accumulate, they compensate for the newly stretched tissue, thus elongating the penis. Cytokinesis takes place during the advance stages of mitosis where a cell divides to form two daughter cells.

If you think deeply about this, properly nourishing these cell during treatment can rapidly hasten growth, which is why we recommend using penis enlargement pills. Their beneficial use includes various natural ingredients that improve blood flow and supply the penis with advantageous nutrients.

How does a penis extender promote new cells?

If you use a penis extender correctly, it is guaranteed to enlarge your penis. The enlargement method being practiced here is a form of “traction,” which has been proven in clinical trials to increase penis length and girth.

Penis traction is very effective and involves almost no risk. This simple technique can increase length by 3 inches in some cases. As this method gradually applies more and more tension to the penis shaft, the penis tissue divide cells, which then multiple at an accelerated rate.

Do penis enlargement exercises actively stimulate cellular growth?

Penis exercises also stretch the penis, but vary by method. Some exercises concentrate on length and girth, while others target pelvic muscles or solely length. Exercises apply more and more tension to the penis as they intensify. Many exercise programs available today are disrupted by the plateau effect, which ceases visible gains. There are only a few programs that can advance past this stage to provide the most desired outcome. One aspect that differentiates an extender from an exercise is that penis exercises require more effort and longer regimens, but yield some of the best results.

Penis enlargement programs are significantly cheaper then using a penis extender and in all actuality, have both share similar operations. You can read more about penis enlargement exercise by visiting the highlighted text.

Overall, if you want to enhance your penis, both of these processes take serious commitment and dedication. If you suddenly stop of miss an enlargement session, this delays the entire process and the effects may only be temporary. No use in wasting time, money and effort, am I right?

We want you to succeed if you truly want a larger penis. We have all felt the shame of a small penis at one point or another and it is your time to do something about it. Now that you are able to understand the semi-complex process of natural penis growth, you can take the first step and apply yourself to one of many penis exercise programs or trust in an extender to do all the work for you.

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