Kegel Exercises For Men

The Kegel exercise is one of the most notorious exercises used today that can impact sexual health for men and women on an extremely beneficial scale. As an exercise, it doesn’t directly impact penis size, but its practice does host numerous benefits.

From its inception, it was originally used by women to tighten their vagina after childbirth, however overtime it proved useful for men with sexual ailments such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and individuals suffering from only being able to stimulate semi-hard erections.

The prominent advantage of utilizing the Kegel exercise is its ability to strengthen some of the skeletal muscles in your body, located behind the testicles, just under the bladder, near the pelvic floor. Kegels are not hard to attempt, its ensuring your are properly performing this technique so it will work to help you.

How Can Kegel Exercises For Men Benefit A PE Treatment?

Kegels can improve your sex life in general. Plain and simple. Performing them daily can help your erections last longer, help your erections feel harder and firmer, but most importantly, help control your ejaculatory response.

Being able to control when you orgasm could be a major benefit if you are unable to. The BC flex is the exercise used to help you practice Kegels. Here is a full list of what this penis exercise can do for you:

  • Improve ejaculatory and bladder response
  • Stimulate harder and firmer erections when the moment is right
  • Increase circulation in the pelvic region
  • Help your prostate become healthier
  • Realign your erections by helping you angle it to better to please your sexual partner(s)
  • Have second hand, beneficial effects on penis size
  • Improve male ejaculation and semen volume
  • Intensify orgasms and help you experience them more often
  • Improve the trajectory of your ejaculations
  • Stop urine drip from your penis after you pee
  • Stop and start peeing on demand

What Is A Kegel?

A Kegel is practiced through an exercise known as the BC flex or you can just call it the Kegel exercise. This technique contracts and releases muscles located in the pelvic floor of males. Don’t let yourself be confused with the PC flex, which is an exercise women can practice to tighten their vagina. The BC flex still partially exercises the PC muscle in both men and women, and also the IC muscle, although we’re going to refer to it as the BC muscle or the Kegel in this article.

What Impact Does Kegeling Have On The Suspensory Ligament?

There are suspensory ligaments located all throughout the body and the penis is specifically attached by this tissue to the pubic symphysis. This portion of tissue also holds the penis near the public bone, which supports your penis when it is erect.

This ligament can be stretched to lengthen the penis, which is one of the primary methods used in phalloplasty (surgical) procedures. Kegel exercises and Kegel variations are important because they help stretching exercises work more effectively.

Kegels have a tendency of working against stretching tension, which can delay length gains or slow them significantly. By exercising the suspensory ligament that retains hidden length within the body, you can exhaust this ligament and perform the reverse Kegel exercise to allow manual penis enlargement exercises to work to their fullest, providing all of your exercise techniques are savvy when in action.

How Can The Kegel Exercise Be Performed?

To be more straightforward, let me help you locate where the muscle group regarding this exercise is situated that applies to penis enlargement exercises.

Have you ever had to suddenly stop urinating and you feel slight tension near the base of your pelvic region? That would be your suspensory ligament / pelvic muscles at work. If you can slow down when urinating and speed back up, you are using this tissue!

To perform a Kegel, follow these steps:

  • Start by contracting the base muscles in your pelvic region and hold this position for 5 – 10 seconds
  • Gradually release this in a five second time frame
  • Beginners should start by doing 10 set sessions, multiple times per day and increase the quantity and session amount as needed.
  • Practicing Kegels every other day is a good routine to get into.

Also, you may want to consider Kegeling when your are performing Jelqs, stretching exercises, or alternative exercise methods that promote and increase blood circulation in the penis.

When Will You Notice Results?

Any penis exercise takes time. Patience, determination, and desire are crucial to success. You will begin to notice more control and responsiveness in your bladder and during intercourse in about a month of consistently practicing Kegels or the BC flex. Remember, record and document every step when you begin and progress. This will help determine exercise cycles and if the technique you are practicing is working properly.

A months time should portray results, but if not, you may not be exercising the right muscular group / tissue, which indicates your need to critique your style. It isn’t that hard though, so keep your peace of mind because these kinds of activities can take a toll.

A penis exercise program is your best friend in a scenario like this, so take a second to check out Penis Health or Erection Fitness, so you can gather an idea of how doing excessive research by yourself can be time-consuming and error prone or let professionals do the work for you through a guide.

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